Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now! is "very understandable" and a great resource tool for both our referring physicians and patients. We have had wonderful feedback from everyone who has read it! We mailed copies of this book to our referring physicians and nurse practitioners, and referrals increased quickly and substantially. Primary care physicians are aware of some of the procedures available for treating varicose and spider veins, but having this publication made them more aware that there are multiple current treatment options available.

Larry Barr, MD
Delta Vein Care
Monroe, LA

We give copies of Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now! to our prospective patients, so they will be able to make more informed decisions. Often patients will come to us wanting treatment only for their spider veins. This excellent book helps them understand why they should treat the root causes of venous disease, not just the symptoms. It expands on and adds credibility to what we tell them.

Occasionally patients will tell us that their PCP has never heard of the treatments we perform. In these cases, we will send a copy of Dr. Martin’s book to the PCP, who will then be more inclined to support treatment with us.

We also give copies directly to medical professionals in the community. When they know more about the procedures we use and the advantages of them, they're more likely to refer patients. Overall, I believe Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now! has been a very good marketing investment for us.

Wood Deming, MD
Regional Heart and Vein Clinic
Memphis, TN

We’ve given copies of Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now! to many of the physicians in our area, and already we’ve seen an increase in referrals. By and large, doctors aren’t aware of the state-of-the-art techniques available today. Dr. Martin’s excellent book helps close the awareness gap.

Sonny Wong, MD, FACC
Windward Heart Center
Kailua, HI

For most businesses, advertising is a normal way of reaching out to current and future clients/patients. We physicians have to run a fine line between making ourselves available to the general public by advertising and insulting our referring physicians. While “these times they are a changin’,” the majority of physicians frown on, shall we say, exuberant advertising and view it as "demeaning to the profession."

I embraced Dr. Martin's book, the moment I saw and read it. I find that the best way of advertising, which is acceptable to all, is to wrap the promotional message in a package of information.

As long as you are "educating" folks, and at the same time manage to put your face, logo, and services out there, it is a good thing for everyone.

Say goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now! is the perfect vessel to serve patients, because its style of writing speaks to the non-medical person in an understandable way. It also does not insult the intelligence of physicians.

I carry a dozen copies with me at all times and give them out without hesitation. We make them available to our referring physicians.

I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for answers to questions about venous disease. Both the patient and the physician will be rewarded.

Rick Pittman, M.D., Founder
Salem Vein & Aesthetics Centers
Salem, Oregon